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DublinbikesDublinbikes renmaed to “NOW Dublinbikes” is a public bicycle rental scheme that has operated in the city of Dublin since 2009. At its launch, the scheme, which is sponsored by JCDecaux, used 450 French-made unisex bicycles with 40 stations. By 2011, this had expanded to 550 bicycles and 44 stations, and in 2013 it was announced that a major expansion of the scheme would add a further 950 bikes and another 58 hire points. Dublin was the 17th city to implement such a scheme, and it was considered one of the most successful bike-sharing schemes in the world However, in recent times, progress has stalled, with only 2 of 14 phases being rolled out.

Who operates the Dublinbikes?

  •  JCDecaux

How many Bike stations are there in Dublinbikes?

  • Stations: 115

What are the hire fee at Dublinbikes?

Hours Fee
First 1/2 Hour Free
1 Hour € 0.50
2 Hour € 1.50
3 Hour € 3.50
4 Hour € 6.30
Every extra 1/2 Hour € 2

How to create an account with Dublinbikes?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Choose your PIN


What are the subscription types in Dublinbikes?

  • 3 Day Ticket – €5
  • 1 Day Ticket – €3.5
  • Annual Subscription – €35
  • E-Dublinebikes – €60

How to Subscribe Dublinbike?

  1. Visit
  2. Select your subscription type
  3. Click “Choose this subscription option”
  4. Login your account
  5. Enter your personal details
  6. Make a Payments


How to rent a bike at Dublinbike?

  1. Go to dublinbikes App
  2. select the your choice of bike
  3. Swipe ‘release a bike’.
  4. To release the bike choose by pressing the button on the bike stand.(or)
  5. Go to dublinibike terminal
  6. Select a bike from the terminal screen
  7. Pressing the release button on the bike stand as directed.

How to return a bike at Dublinbike?

  1. Go to Dublinbikes App
  2. Find available bikes and stands at each station in real time
  3. The bike must be returned to a free stand at a station.
  4. If no stands are available to park at the station then return a bike to the nearest available station with parking spaces at no extra cost
  5. To park a bike at a station push the front wheel of the bike into the stand receiver
  6. Holding the bike at the handlebars and saddle.
  7. The stand will beep twice
  8. The turn green light indicates the bike has been properly returned.

How to lock a bike?

  1. First take out the cable lock pin in the basket from its holder.
  2. Then place it around a fixed object
  3. Place the key in the receiver located near the metal stand lock on the crossbar of the bike
  4. The key will release when properly pressed
  5. To release the bike, place the key in its receiver
  6. Push the lock cable pin into its socket with one hand and slowly turn the key clockwise with your other hand.
  7. This will release the cable lock and you can place it in the basket in its holder
  8. Hold the lock cable pin at all times when locking or unlocking the bike in this manner to prevent uncontrolled backlash of the cable lock.

How to associate and use a Leap card to access Dublinebikes?

  1. Subscribe the Dublinbkes
  2. Once your account is created you will be asked to choose either a LEAP card or a dublinbikes membership card
  3. You must choose to use your Leap Card
  4. You will receive an email with instructions on how to access Dublinbikes.
  5. Follow the steps in the email to link your Leap card to your subscription.
  6. Once linked your Leap card will replace your dublnbikes annual card
  7. You can then use your Leap card at stations across the city

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List of Dublinbikes in Ireland

Dublinbikes Customer care contacts

  Address: dublinbikes, JCDecaux Ireland Ltd., Unit 2, Naas Road Industrial Park, Old Naas Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12, D12 A242

Phone: 0818777070,   +35314247605 (from abroad)



Download the Dublinbikes App



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