How to get Young Adult (19-23) leap Card in Ireland? Procedure, Cost, Requirements


Who can get / apply the Young Adult TFI Leap Card?

Young Adult aged from 19 to 23 years old can apply for Young Adult TFI Leap Card

Validity of the Young Adult TFI Leap Card?

It is valid from 19 th birthday until 24 th birthday month. The card will be ended on your birthday month end.

How to apply?

  • Visit
  • Click “Apply for a young Adult TFI Leap card

How to get Young Adult (19-23) leap Card in Ireland, Age limit, Register, How to Buy, Service, Fares, App

The Young Adult (19-23) Leap Card is for all 19 to 23 year olds.

Young Adult 19-23

Documents Required for applying Young Adult leap Card

Before applying for a Young Adult (19-23) Leap Card make sure you have:

  • A valid Passport, Drivers Licence or Learner Permit, other non-standard documents may be accepted, view the full list here
  • The ability to enable your camera permissions
  • The card applicant is present
  • You have payment card details ready.

Child leap Card Cost

Type Cost
Minimum €5
Top up of €5

TFI Leap Card Types

There are several different types of TFI Leap Card.

There are differences in fares, usage and entitlement depending on which card you are eligible to purchase.

How to Register a TFL Leap Card?

  • Visit here.
  • Enter your TFI Leap Card number (Enter 14 digits)*
  • Confirm your TFI Leap Card number*
  • Enter your TFI Leap Card Label

How to Buy TFI Leap Card in Online?

  • Visit leapcard.
  • Select your Card Type (Adult, Adult Personalised, Child 5 – 15, Child 16 – 18, Young Adult 19-23, Student, Visitor)
  • Select your Top-Up Travel Credit (€).
  • Click Submit.

Where can I buy a TFI Leap Card?

  • Find your nearest agent using the map under where to buy section in TFI Leap Card website.
  • Alternatively, buy the TFI Leap Card online by clicking on “Buy” button at the top of their website.
  • You can also buy at selected DART ticket machines in Dublin.

*For more information, please visit here.

TFI Leap Card Customer Care Contacts

View the TFI Leap Card Customer Care Contacts through the above link.

What services accept Young Adult and Student Leap Cards?

  • Bus Ireland
  • Dublin Bus
  • Irish Rail(including DART)
  • Go-Ahead Ireland
  • Luas
  • TFI Local Link services
  • Kilkenny City bus
  • Route 139 (JJ Kavanagh and Sons)
  • Route 197 (Go-Ahead Ireland)
  • Route 817 (Bernard Kavanagh & Sons)
  • A range of commercial bus operators – Click here for participating commercial bus operators.

Eligible for a Student Leap Card?

Students must be able to verify that they meet these criteria:

  • Students must have a minimum of 16 hours of lectures/class time per week, and be enrolled in the course for a minimum of 6 months
  • Full time foreign students who meet the above criteria are also entitled to apply for the SLC whilst in Ireland
  • Students enrolled as trainee Accountants (ACCA, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland), trainee Solicitors registered with the Law Society, full time SOLAS trainees/students and full time PLC students are also considered eligible
  • Students of on-line courses are not eligible to apply for the SLC, unless they meet the criteria set out here
  • Students may be required to produce further evidence of eligibility (i.e. letter from college/institution)

How to top-up your leap Card?

You can top-up your TFI Leap Card in a number of ways:

There are many ways to top up your card:

  • The most popular way is to download their Leap Top-Up app for free and use it to add credit, check your balance and collect tickets
  • At TFI Leap Card outlet
  • At Luas, DART and commuter rail ticket machines
  • On-board selected bus operators
  • Use Auto Top-Up for regular top-ups to be debited from your bank account
  • Online at, but please note if you top-up online, you still have to collect your travel credit or ticket at either a TFI Leap Card outlet or another nominated load location

TFI Leap Card Fares in Ireland

View the TFI Leap Card Fares in Ireland through the above link.

List of TFI Leap Card Retailers in Ireland

View the List of TFI Leap Card Retailers in Ireland through the above link.

Download Leap Top-up App from Google Play Store, Android/Apple store, mac, ios

Google Play Store Apple App Store

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