Top up / Recharge a TFI Leap Card: How to do, Minimum cost, Requirements

How to top-Up TFI Leap Card?

Already have a Leap card? Want to know how to recharge / top up your Leap card? Here is the procedure

You can top up using the below methods:

Through Leap top up App

  • Download the TFI Leap top up app
  • Start the procedure to top up
  • Make the payment

Recharge at the TFI Leap Card outlet / retailer shop:

Luas, DART & Commuter Rail ticket machines

You can also recharge through the ticket machine.

Auto Top Up

  • Visit
  • Register your card to set the auto top up.
  • Sign in to the registered account
  • Select “Manage Auto Top up and select the TFI Leap card to enable
  • Click “Enable Auto top up”
  • Fill the required form online

Can you set Auto top up on Child 5-15 card and 16-18 cards?

Yes, you can set up Child 5-15 card and Child 16-18 card.

Check TFI Leap card’s balance online

Do you want to check your TFI Leap card’s balance? Here is the procedure to check the balance

Download Leap Top-up App from Google Play Store, Android/Apple store, mac, ios

Google Play Store Apple App Store

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